I first ran for Lieutenant Governor because I saw many opportunities to bring the voices of regular Vermonters to the table. I'm running for re-election because in just two years, we've moved the needle on major issues that affect the lives of all Vermonters — but we still have far to go and must keep moving forward. I’ve spent two decades bringing people together, connecting grassroots activism with legislation, and working hard for constituents in Montpelier. As an organic farmer, my goal is always to leave the land healthier than when I found it. I take the same approach as a public official. Like the land, we must leave our communities and economy stronger for future generations. 

With your help, we can:


Small, family businesses are the backbone of our rural communities. We need to grow our diverse farming sectors, improve the forest products industry, and expand rural telecom infrastructure.


As a farmer I feel the impacts of climate change each season. We must continue to invest in renewables and reduce our fossil energy use, do even more to clean up our rivers and lakes, and divest our state funds from the fossil fuel industry.


Ensuring Vermonters have a livable wage, paid sick days, and can organize in the workplace are all good for families. We must invest in early childhood education and healthy food for our children. As your Lieutenant Governor, I will continue working every day to end the wage gap. By working together, we can show the nation that our economy and communities thrive with equal pay and fair housing. We can end gender stereotypes and inequality and ensure that tolerance and decency flourish.


The current property tax structure is regressive and gives the wealthy a tax break. We need to ease property tax burdens so Vermonters can use more of their hard-earned money to meet basic needs.

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Over the last two decades, David's work as a legislative leader and coalition builder has been recognized by many including the Vermont Children’s Forum, Steps to End Domestic Violence (Women Helping Battered Women), Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, the Vermont Natural Resources Council, and Renewable Energy Vermont. In the early 1990s, as a student at UVM, David was awarded the Keith Miser Award at graduation for his contributions to campus leadership. Below are some of the issues David has championed:


David's work on GMOs in the legislature began in 1999, when he introduced a bill directing the University of Vermont to study the impacts of genetic engineering on Vermont agriculture. This was, to our knowledge, the first bill related to GMOs introduced anywhere in the country. After a long fight for the right of consumers to know what’s in their foods, the legislature passed legislation in 2014 requiring all products containing genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled. David was the lead Senate author. GMO labeling has once again made Vermont a model for the entire nation. Several multinational corporations including General Mills, Kellogg’s, Mars, and Campbell’s have now announced that they will label foods containing GMOs nationwide, proving that our states leadership is having a dramatic impact on the country. Learn more about the national impact of GMO labeling.

Marriage Equality

David was a leader for both Civil Unions and Marriage equality.  As one of approximately 30 Representatives who were present for enactment of both laws, David takes great pride our state's accomplishment. Passing such laws required tremendous organizing by community leaders, many of whom are part of this campaign. As your Lieutenant Governor, David has continued engage citizen activists and ensure Vermont is a state where our communities find strength in their diversity.


David introduced his first bill to expand bargaining rights during his first term. Since then, he has consistently supported the right to organize and giving unions a seat at the table. He also played a role in the founding of the Working Vermonters Caucus. David's record is clear. He has been involved in numerous minimum wage increases and has stood with workers on picket lines and in fights for fair contracts.

Cannabis Reform & Drug Policy

David was a leader of Vermont’s Medical Marijuana bill and has sponsored legislation for full legalization, regulation, and taxation for responsible adult use. It is time to recognize that the war on drugs has failed and take a smarter approach to regulating controlled substances. Taking cannabis off the streets and moving it to a regulated setting where laws and age limits are enforced will make our communities safer. Additionally, our drug policies should focus more on human health and studying the causes of addiction. If we focus our resources on health, education, job opportunities, and improving quality of life, we will reduce crime and fewer people will turn to drugs.

End of Life Choices

David has been a leader on end of life choice legislation. There was a clear consensus among Vermont citizens that we should offer patients control at the end of their lives and in May 2013, after many years of community and legislative organizing, the legislature passed a Death with Dignity law, making Vermont the first state to do so through legislation.