June 11, 2018


BURLINGTON, VT — Surrounded by hundreds of supporters, including legislative leaders and friends from his two decades serving in State Government, Lt. Governor David Zuckerman officially kicked off his bid for re-election at Main Street Landing in Burlington.

A central theme of Zuckerman’s campaign is increasing participation and engagement in the political process — a mission he has carried since becoming known for his efforts registering thousands of voters as a UVM student. Since taking office as Lt. Governor, he has maintained a special focus on providing opportunities for youth engagement:

“The most important work we do is supporting the coming generation and empowering them to succeed. That’s why I’ve been focused on providing opportunities for our youth and all Vermonters to get involved and have their voices heard — much as Bernie did for me when I was a student. In these turbulent times, our youth have been a symbol of optimism and hope. They’re doing their part. In return we owe it to them to resolve the issues in Montpelier so that they get the best education and job opportunities we can possibly give them.”

Zuckerman noted that despite a legislative session marked by a high number of vetos, much progress has been made over the past two years:

“Vermont is moving forward against the odds. That is because of the work of so many people in this room. You are our democracy. And democracy is the best tool we have to make sure the rights of all people are respected — even those we sometimes disagree with. That’s why we need to stay engaged and empower others to engage too.”

Attending the event in support of Zuckerman was Congressman Peter Welch, who introduced the Lt. Governor:

"David is a leader in Montpelier on issues like the environment, affordability, and workers’ rights. At a time when our politics can be so divisive, David's history of bringing people together and achieving results for Vermont is the kind of leadership we need."

Senate Majority Leader Becca Balint and Teacher Denette Locke, an award winning teacher at Fletcher Elementary in Cambridge, spoke in support Zuckerman. The event was emcee'd by Winooski Representative Diana Gonzalez.

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May 21, 2018


Contact: Jesse Warren, Communications Director for Zuckerman for Vermont

BURLINGTON, VT — Earlier today, in an email to supporters, David Zuckerman announced he will seek re-election for a second term as Lieutenant Governor. For 20 years, David has been a leader in the fight for a bold agenda centered around economic justice — including fighting income inequality, environmental restoration, and building a stronger, more diverse state economy. 

Reflecting on his first term, David said: “It has been a tremendous honor to serve the people of Vermont as Lieutenant Governor. With citizen input helping guide leaders in Montpelier, we've made meaningful progress toward a more just, fair, and beautiful Vermont. But we have a long way to go, and I’m eager to build on that momentum.”

Since taking office, Zuckerman has presided over the Senate as legislation passed to raise the minimum wage to $15, provide paid family leave, support net neutrality, ban corporate political contributions, legalize cannabis, and protect Vermonters from corporate overreach and abuse. While many of these achievements were not enacted into law, Zuckerman remains optimistic:

“Despite headwinds from the Governor’s office, we've come closer than ever before to passing much-needed reforms that Vermonters have long rallied for. As long as we keep fighting, organizing, and engaging people across our state, I remain hopeful that the coming years will see change and progress in Montpelier.”

For Zuckerman, the central theme of the campaign is about engaging more Vermonters in the political process. Since taking office as Lt. Governor, a primary goal has been to provide opportunities for more people to be active participants in our democracy, with a special focus on youth.

Soon after my inauguration, I was honored to have the privilege of speaking at the Womens March in Montpelier — the largest gathering of Vermonters in memory. Today, the health of our democracy depends on continuing this spirit of engagement. This is a moment in history where we need every voice to take action and stand up for the values and principles we believe in. I remain dedicated to reaching out to communities across our state, listening to new ideas, learning from peoples struggles and successes, and working together to empower Vermonters to get and stay engaged in our political process.”

Over the coming months, Zuckerman will be travelling across the state in support of this mission. He will be officially launching his campaign on June 11th at 5:00PM at Main Street Landing in Burlington. The kick-off is open to the public and Zuckerman welcomes all to attend.