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If you feel like your vote doesn’t matter or won't make a difference — that’s EXACTLY how corporate interests want you to feel. Because then they win, and they can enact policies that make healthcare more expensive, lower wages, and make Vermont a less affordable place to live — all while boosting their own bottom line.

So please cast your vote this Tuesday, November 6th! It WILL make a difference. And it’s the first step toward building a government that truly represents the interests of all Vermonters.


1. Know your polling place. The easiest way to find yours is right here on this Google page. Just enter your address and it will tell you where to vote: Find Your Polling Place

2. GO VOTE! If you have a Vermont ID or license, chances are you are already registered to vote. And if not, that’s fine — because in Vermont we are fortunate to have same day registration, right at your polling place. You’ll just need a proof of residence (a utility bill or official document that has your voting address on it.) You an find more info about registering here.


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