In Vermont, September 16th
From the Zuckerman For Vermont Campaign

DEADLINE TO ENTER: Thursday, 9/13 at 10pm EST

 In 1992, as a student at the University of Vermont, I was pretty jaded about politics. Government seemed like a world solely for the wealthy and well-connected.

But there was someone running for Congress in Vermont who challenged that reality. He spoke the truth like no other political leader did, and he helped me see that a democracy that worked for all of us could be possible.

Twenty-six years later, he’s built a movement inspiring millions beyond Vermont. And I’ve gone on to become Vermont’s Lieutenant Governor, making real progress on the policies that matter most for working people despite heavy opposition: proof that the revolution is working and will only continue to grow.

Now, my campaign has two tickets to Bernie Sanders’ Birthday Party in Vermont in mid-September that we're giving away in the hopes of bringing a new generation of leaders back to the Vermont birthplace of that revolution — to celebrate with Bernie, myself, friends, and supporters — and return home with even more energy to continue fighting for the progressive change that Bernie has been inspiring for decades.